Cheef Chef Mr.Sasaki and Dr.Fujita

Kind of interesting to drink sake from Kyusyu in Tohoku.
You can try fresh fish, sushi and delicious sake in this restraunt.
Their dishes are so beautiful and each season has its unique menu.
Kesen numa is located in a national park and famous for its beautiful enviroment. Come and see beautiful people in Kesen numa.
Enjoy delicious Japanese sea food dishes.
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Kesen numa
Ÿthe forest needs the sea. There are lot of beautiful places and people in the city, Kesen numa.

Robata ebisu burumai in Kesen numa
3-15 Uo ichiba mae Kesen numa city, Miyagi prefecture, Japan

Ebisu Burumai is a celebration to express gratitude for all the staff member of a boat who have been working very hard until the end of the fishing term which is held at a shipowner's place.

Utsumi san and Dr.Fujita
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